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The Gordon B Hinkley Endowment for British Studies

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The Gordon B. Hinckley Endowment for British Studies was established to fund development of an innovative first-rate undergraduate curriculum for university students. It is named in honor of Gordon B. Hinckley, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and a distinguished alumnus of the College of Humanities (Bachelor of Arts in English 1932).

This endowment represents President Hinckley’s love of literature, learning and of the humanities. It honors the connection between the study of the humanities and the enrichment of one’s life. It also illustrates President Hinckley’s admiration for Great Britain’s cultural and institutional contributions to the world and his recognition of the historic influence of the British people in Utah.

The endowment has been focused on four key areas:

-Gordon B. Hinckley Presidential Endowed Chair in British Studies

-Study Abroad Program in Great Britain

-Gordon B. Hinckley Lecture in British Studies

-Curricular Development

Last Updated: 11/21/22