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British Studies Minor

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Independent Research

England MapAs part of the Minor in British Studies, candidates for the minor will enroll in the capstone Interdisciplinary Seminar in British Studies (currently, a section of English 5630), normally in the last year of their studies.

This course will be organized around a theme broadly related to British literature, culture, and society, and chosen by the instructor.  Students in this course who are candidates for the Minor in British Studies will be asked to conduct interdisciplinary research for a substantial essay (15-20 pages) on a topic of their choosing.

The topic should develop out of the work they have done previously in the minor, and could be related in some way to their major area of concentration.  Hence, history majors might choose a topic that requires them to look closely at the literature of an era, and English majors might write on questions of philosophy or political science that form the background to some of the literature they have read.

The course instructor will serve as the primary mentor for this research project, but students are welcome to seek out other advisors as well, for example, from their home departments.

Last Updated: 6/15/21