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British Studies Minor

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Summary of Requirements

The British Studies Minor has the following requirements:

  • 7 courses (21 credit hours) at the 3000-level or above with substantial content drawn from British society and culture, including areas of the former British Empire. Courses may be chosen from the list of eligible courses (see below), but courses not listed here may also be approved by petition submitted to the Director of British Studies. This petition must include the syllabus from the relevant course. Courses designated with an asterisk (*) will be approved on a semester by semester basis, depending on course content. Candidates for the minor who may have taken one of these courses in the past should submit the course syllabus used when they were enrolled to the Director of British Studies for retroactive approval. In addition, new courses will appear from time to time that may be approved for inclusion in the minor.
    All courses approved for the minor during a given semester will appear at the beginning of each semester on the web site of the minor.
  • At least 2 courses each from areas A (Literature, Film, Theatre) and B (History, Political Science); and at least 1 course from area C (Philosophy).
  • Prerequisite for all courses in the minor: Writing 2010. (This course does not count toward the 21 credit hour requirement for the minor.)
  • Capstone: At present, English 5630 (“Advanced Seminar in British Studies”). This course will have a section titled “Interdisciplinary Seminar in British Studies” once there are enough candidates in the program. It is open to all students in the minor. The normal prerequisite for this course, English 2600, will be waived for British Studies Minor candidates with majors other than English. The course may count as satisfying an area A requirement. This capstone course may migrate to other departments in future years (e.g., a section of History 4990, Senior Seminar).


Last Updated: 6/15/21